A Conversation on the State of Water


Watershed Event: Steps towards clean, abundant water in Minnesota.
On Friday, April 11th 2014, University of Minnesota Students for Design Activism will host Watershed Event: a public symposium on future scenarios and imagined solutions to clean, abundant water in Minnesota. This event will bring together water-focused leaders within farming, design, science, activism, and policy to share knowledge, ideas, and strategies that will build a future for how we use and value water. Panelist discussions, audience engagement, and a premier film-screening, Watershed Event is intended to catalyze new dialogue and action to improve the quality and quantity of Minnesota’s water. We invite the public, city designers, makers and builders of all kinds, legislators and policy makers, scientists, academics, students, and water-focused person or organization to join us for this exciting event! Watershed Event is sponsored by UMN Institute on the Environment, College of Liberal Arts Imagine Fund, and is co-curated by Floodplain Collective, UMN Department of Landscape Architecture, and Mill City Museum. All programs are free and open to the public. No registration necessary.

3:00pm - 5:30pm
Building a future for water: Transforming practice, policy, and implementation

Minnesota’s growth and development impacts the water we use. Lowered water levels, intensified rain and drought, and increased demand for this resource means our infrastructure, policies, and practices must be able to respond to these changes in order to build a future for clean, abundant water in Minnesota. In this session, keynote speaker William Wenk, landscape architect of the St. Paul Great River Passage, will speak about the past and future realities of living and working in an arid climate and open the conversation to panelists and the audience for envisioning the bridge between the small-scale strategies and the large-scale problems facing the future of Minnesota’s waters.

3:00pm Keynote speaker: William Wenk, Wenk Landscape Architecture and Planning.
4:00pm Panelists: Brian Hicks, Agricultural Drainage Management Coalition,
               John Linc Stine, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency Commissioner.
Moderator: Dave Peters, Journalist for Minnesota Public Radio’s series: Ground Level

5:30pm - 7:00pm
Catered food, drinks, and informal conversation

Minnesota’s premier screening of the movie, WATERSHED

Watershed examines the questions raised by the personal, economic and environmental use and value of water that is used and transported from the headwaters of the Colorado River to its outlets in the Southwest. The challenges faced by those in the West are similar to those we face here in Minnesota. Current changes in the landscape and the visible decline of water quantity and quality of Minnesota's water make Watershed Movie a great opportunity to shed light on the state of our water in Minnesota.

7:00pm - 9:30pm Steps
Steps towards change: Sources for a new water ethic in Minnesota

Water is a tremendous resource that shapes how we live, work, and play in Minnesota. As communities across the country have noticed a decline in the quality and quantity of the water they depend upon, many have begun to see their use of water directly linked to their values and priorities. In this session, the Minnesota premier screening of the movie, Watershed, will provide a context for questions concerning the health of our waters as a reflection of the Minnesotan values that shape how we use them. This backdrop will serve as a springboard for an open conversation that examines cultural beliefs, scientific data, and design innovation as sources for a new water ethic that supports a future with clean, abundant water.

7:00pm Film screening: Watershed
8:00pm Panelists: Dorene Day, Indigenous Peoples' Task Force,
              Deborah Swackhamer, Professor and Co-director of the Water Resources Center at the U of M,
              Matthew Tucker, University of Minnesota Professor of Landscape Architecture
Moderator: Matt Kucharski, Executive Vice-President, PadillaCRT

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Please contact Miss Emily Lowery, Co-Founder of Students for Design Activism & Floodplain Collective at: lowe0201@umn.edu